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With a team of licensed and experienced electricians, Victory HVAC is here to assist you in all your residential electrical needs. Whether you need electrical maintenance, repairs, or new electrical system installations, Victory technicians will ensure your wiring is accurate, safe, and up to code. Our customers come first and our industry-rated customer service will put you at ease as we help you solve all your electrical problems.

Our service area covers Massachusetts, Northern Rhode Island, and Southern New Hampshire. We’ll offer you the right electrical solutions at the right price for your unique issue and stand by you every step of the way as we get your electrical systems back on track and keep your family protected.

Our wide range of residential electrical services include:

Electrical Maintenance & Installation

At Victory, we offer inspections on your electrical panel and electrical maintenance to keep your wiring safe and up to code. When repairing your electrical appliances, we can help you make the right choice to help you save on utility costs. 

We can also take a look at your current electrical systems and help you pick out a new one if you need a replacement or are looking for an upgrade. Our residential electrical experts can help you:

  • Install a new electrical panel that’s up to code
  • Install new electrical appliances
  • Install a backup generator to protect your family during power outages
  • Install solar panels to improve your energy efficiency
  • Install new lighting fixtures
  • And more!

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Lighting Fixture Upgrades

Victory’s electrical experts are equipped to conduct an energy-efficiency audit on your home to figure out how much your current lighting fixtures are costing you to operate and can help you make the right, sustainable choice for a new solution to help you enjoy long-term cost savings. Once we’ve found you the perfect solution, we can help you install it seamlessly.

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Back-Up Generator Installation

Protect your home from unpredictable power outages by letting Victory HVAC install a backup generator. If and when the power goes out, your backup generator will automatically kickstart, ensuring you don’t lose any necessary systems throughout your home.

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Electrical Panel Upgrades

When upgrading your electrical panel, it’s important to ensure your service panel can handle your electrical load. Victory is equipped to add additional capacity to your panel, or we can inspect it and replace it to make sure your home is safe from any potential fire hazards from improper wires or overloaded circuits. 

Victory technicians will work with your local utility company to guarantee your electrical panel upgrade is up to code and done precisely.

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Even with the right maintenance, electrical issues often pop up unexpectedly and can cause an emergency. That’s why Victory offers 24/7 electrical services to assist you and your family in a crisis.

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